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Do you know it is possible for companies to lead developments all the time rather than follow the fad? eMaginations has turned the art of media monitoring into a science. We help brands to understand the impact of their stories by knowing what people are saying about these brands with our media-monitoring tool. We identify the social conversations and influencers that impact your brand. We turn mentions into relationships by monitoring and engaging with authors of digital platforms. We demonstrate ROI for viral elements of your stories with publicity values for each post. We gauge sentiment and use integrated charts to show the impact of brand mentions across media



When you need expert assistance to reach a particular media segment, we can help. Do you need more visibility with national press? Regional columnists? Bloggers? National or regional TV producers? We can reach them. We identify the media segments, specific reporters, producers and editors who impact your business but who are not fully cognizant of your company or brand’s positioning or value proposition.

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Afro Images, our start-up is Africa’s premier creator and distributor of imagery, video, music and multimedia products of African origin. Afro Images inspires communicators such as newspapers, advertisers, filmmakers, giving them the tools to create inspiring works of their own by using images from the most colourful continent in the world. Afro Images offers industry’s best and broadest collections of African imagery and footage, including award-winning news, sport and entertainment contents plus rare and contemporary archival imagery. Afro Images’ music collection provides a wide range of pre-cleared tracks from independent artists, Africa’s rich folklores, chart-topping acts and popular soundtracks. From multi-million-dollar advertisers to leading newspapers, feature films and television producers to bloggers of all kinds, the world’s most influential media look up to Afro Images for material of African origin.



In today’s environment, media outreach – while crucial – will not always achieve all your business goals. Often, it is necessary to reach the influencers such as bloggers, columnists, NGOs, etc. Getting a list of key influencers is your industry is the easy part. These influencers can be influenced as a means to get your information in front of their followers. But there’s a nuance to engaging and influencing these influencers that most companies miss. The rules that have traditionally worked in the PR world for engaging journalists do not necessarily work with influencers, bloggers and others who work from a different playbook. We have the key that opens their hearts.

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This is eMaginations’ method of ensuring that our clients are the ones journalists call when they need informed positions of thought leaders in the industry on issues. With more companies sending outreach emails, it’s getting harder to get the attention of journalists. We have developed an innovative strategy in planning, research, and nurturing relationships consistently to guarantee that our clients are the ones journalists/bloggers will call.



We apply project management strategy to the create and develop highly-focused industry  events such as breakfast series, (eNnovators Breakfast Series), expo/conferences (govTECHnigeria), awards ceremonies (FinTech Awards). We also create and develop events for our clients.  This involves studying the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.




eMaginations customizes series of engagement and endearment programmes that endear your brand to journalists.



eMaginations designs, develops contents and prints corporate communications journal for organisations. This could be circulated in both print and soft copy form to the company’s target market across the world.



eMaginations designs, develops and implements Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme for organizations, ensuring that there is harmony between your brand equity and the choice of CSR.